At Pink Hotels, the wellbeing of our colleagues, guests and partners is of our greatest possible importance and therefore our company values have never been more significant as now being our number one priority.

Responsibility, care and passion is our mission to guarantee and to secure that our hotels are not just here today, but also in the future.

The outbreak of COVID-19 has changed our reality, day by day, hour by hour and the world will never be the same. You may feel hesitant to travel or book trips right now, we understand that. But no matter what’s happening in the world, soon we’re ready to welcome you as usual. You will feel safe in our hotels as we have taken all precautionary measures and have set up procedures, plans and routines related to COVID-19.

We keep a close eye on the development of this virus, and we follow the guidelines of our local health authorities and act fast and accordingly.

To Create a Safe Environment for Guests and Colleagues

We have clear procedures for dealing with guest and staff when entering the hotel as a Check Station has been set up whereby all guests and staff are requested to have their body temperature taken and their hands’ disinfected at the entrance. All of our staff are wearing a face mask to avoid spreading the virus to others and masks are made available to our guests.

Keep Social Distance and No Physical Contact

We keep a minimum of 1.5 meters distance, both to guests and our colleagues. In our restaurants all tables are placed apart to allow 1.5 meters between parties. We have also separated our sun beds at the pool and beach area to honor the social distancing regulation. We also don’t shake hands but greet each other with a Thai ‘Wai’, which is equal to a slight bow, with the palms pressed together in a prayer-like fashion.


In public areas, sanitize dispensers are available to our guests and colleagues. We clean all surfaces multiple times a day, with special attention those that many touches.

We Do This Together

We know everything is and will change rapidly right now. So, let’s do what we can and stand together to slow down and contain the spread of Covid-19. The health and well-being of everyone are what we care about the most. Yes, our Pink hotels are still welcoming guests and we strive to provide no less than extraordinary guest experiences, even in these challenging days.

Did you make a booking at one of our hotels directly through us, and are unable to complete your journey from now until 30th of April, please do contact who can assist you. Did you make your booking through an online travel agency or another travel partner, please contact them, as the reservation has been made with them, and they can assist you too.

Although there some rare cases of COVID-19 reported in Bali, the Gili Islands however are declared 100% corona-free and it is safe to travel. We will also inform you as soon as the public boat services start to operate again. We follow the development of the coronavirus situation continuously, and we will update you on any further information.

We wish you all continued strength and good health to you and your loved ones, as we move forward in confidence together.

We will welcome you with open hearts and open arms.

Thank you for your loyalty.

Jeroen van Dongen
Managing Director